Sale Department

    Organizie the specific business activities inVietnam and oversea, import - export goods under the authorization of foreign agents, in addition that advise the Director to conduct joint venture by partner, obey the laws of the state, the regulations of the relevant agencies, commercial customs and international forwarding


 Documentary Department

  • Receipt of documents and details of goods from customers, arranging vessel schedules, container reservations, payment of shipping charges and the other sur-charges, maritime adminitration, handling the documents of foreign agents sent, tracking information on ships and goods to timely inform customers,…
  • Issue a secondary bill of lading when the goods loaded on board
  • Dealing with related documents to shipping business, handling all occurrences in the process of goods delivery.


Operations Department

     Carry out and be responsible for  related to Customs procedures for import - export at ports, warehouses and airports.


Customer Services Department

  • Contact to shipping lines to update recently price and schedule, carry out booking with shipping lines, check space and estimated time of departure, the route,…to be suitable for offering of customers.
  • Request reservations with the shipping line from the booking department of the sales department
  • Handle issues arising in relation to the shipment


Accounting & Adminitration Department

  • Inspect and supervise the finance of the company, keep track of debts, assets, capital in cash, bank deposits, assets and collateral, mortgages.
  • Manage  human resources, arrage the staff  in the department to suit the ability and level for each person and additional personnel when needed
  • Carry out salaries, consider salary increases, bonus and welfare for employees.