Multi-modal Transportation



Benefits of using multimodal transport you may not know yet:

  • Multimodal transport is developed in the right direction and incorporates modes of transportation. It will make an important contribution to trade and production in the national economy. Specifically, the benefits of multimodal transport may be as follows:
  • Reduce logistics costs just-in-time. Accompanied by optimal cost reduction of goods and production, lower product costs. Enterprise increases competitive advantage.
  • Encourage international trade to grow and contribute to economic growth.
  • Expand transportation network to achieve high economic efficiency. Because when using a combination of transport modes for the ability to transport large volumes.
  • Help businesses manufacturing and trading can access faster to the market. Especially in the international market by connecting transport network.
  • Create cooperation between government and businesses, thereby reducing unnecessary documents.

Safe, cheap multimodal transportation service DGS Logistics

What benefits will you get when choosing multi-modal transportation service a DGS Logistics.

Safety agent system : DGS Logistics is very careful in choosing partners as agents in foreign. At the same time, we always try to meet them regularly so that we can exchange and build service quality standards so that the agent system has the most stable service quality. DGS Logistics is completely confident about its dealer network worldwide.

Qualified and responsible consulting team : DGS Logistics is always ready to advise our clients. Reasonable shipping method. Along with that is the most optimal shipping solution in terms of cost and time. For multi-modal transportation at DGS Logistics, customers can fully control their cargo information anytime you want.


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