Rail transport


Along with the continuous development of transport infrastructure, people's needs to transport goods gradually become simpler and more convenient, especially long-distance freight transport between the North and the South. when north-south train services were born. The units transporting North-South goods by train have many advantages for customers and are becoming more and more prestigious like DGS Logistics. Therefore, you can feel secure when using DGS  Logistics' long-distance, large-volume north-south freight services.


Contact the hotline: 0903 095 503 for a detailed and specific quote for each station and type of item!


North-south freight rates by rail will be calculated according to the standard formula. Depending on the type of goods, as well as the accompanying services, the price may change according to market fluctuations. Therefore, to know the service price at the time of delivery, you can contact DGS Logistics to receive the latest quote.


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